Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Banana fritters (GF) (DF) (EF) (NF) (Vegan)

Yes I know it sounds strange to put bananas in a savoury recipe like this but I was inspired by a recipe for plantain fritters on this blog (thanks Priya) which looked too nice to not try:

I haven't even tried making these with plantains yet but used green unripe bananas instead and it turned out fine... and it's so easy to make! We didn't even have rice flour in the house- my dad just put some basmati rice in the grinder instead and that was good enough. It's a nice little snack and as it's shallow fried, doesn't require as much oil as pakoras. I have these as a snack with a cup of tea.

Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Nut Free

1 unripe green banana
1 tablespoon rice flour
a pinch of mild chilli powder
a pinch of garam masala (optional)
salt and pepper to taste
a little oil for shallow frying (I use sunflower oil)

- In a bowl mix together the rice flour, salt and spices

- Chop the green bananas into roughly 7mm thick rounds, then dust the banana pieces in the spicy rice flour to lightly coat them

- Heat a little oil in a frying pan and lightly fry the banana pieces on both sides until it turns golden brown (if the oil gets absorbed quickly then add another two teaspoons of oil when the banana pieces are turned over so that they don't get too dry on one side)

- Serve warm as a snack on its own or with a little tamarind sauce

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  1. I've had these before, they taste fantastic! These look great.