Saturday, 18 December 2010

Salam and welcome once again,

Welcome to the new home of Myalgic Muslimah's halal wheat free blog.  I was recently informed that the "" site will be shut down at the end of the month after which will no longer work.  I decided to keep the "myalgic muslimah" name for the sake of consistency, even though I've since been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease and Bartonella Henselae so perhaps the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis label might be inapplicable (but hey, the alliteration sounds better this way lol). 

I apologise for not updating the blog as much as I should.  Inshallah for now I intend to import all the recipes and information from the old islamicink site to this one, after which inshallah I'll need a slap if I don't get my act together and post updates on some of the newer yummy wheat free recipes I've been experimenting with.

As I have mentioned in the previous blog, I suggest that anyone who wants to make such a drastic change in their diet should first consult a doctor.  I am not qualified in any field of medicine so anything that I say on here regarding health issues is just my personal opinion.

ALL recipes on this blog are wheat free and halal (ie follow Muslim dietary laws of avoiding forbidden foods such as intoxicating [alcohol] and porcine products).  The letters next to each recipe title represent which dietary requirements the recipe is suitable for and are listed as follows:

GF= Gluten Free
EF= Egg Free
DF= Dairy Free
V=  Vegetarian
NF= Nut Free

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